Social initiative that is realized by the NGO “Brave Ukraine”. This is a project about equality, dignity and respect for women in the security and defence sector, as well as the right of women to choose who and where they want to be.

Join the project of Iryna Nykorak #ArmWomenNow

Because uniform matters!

On the front line or in the rear, with or without weapons,
as a paramedic or tanker, aerial reconnaissance
or artillerywoman, company or platoon commander
– every woman performs her military duty on equal grounds with men.

60 000+ WOMEN SERVE IN THE ARMED FORCES OF UKRAINE. OUR FEMALE DEFENDERS ARE THE BEST AND DESERVE TO REMAIN COMFORTABLE, FUNCTIONAL AND CONVENIENT WHILE SERVING! That's why we have developed women's patterns according to NATO standards and have already provided more than 6,000 women defenders on the front line with uniforms free of charge.

uniform for women

In addition to the women's SFS (summer field suit), we also sew and send them:

women's winter

UBACS shirt

military uniforms for pregnant women

tactical underwear thermal underwear



A place of strength for women in the military and veterans. It’s about support and growth

The Hub is a place of power for servicewomen and veterans

A unique platform that is functioning for different things.

The Hub hosts meetings for women in the military and veterans with volunteers, writers, artists, opinion leaders, public and political figures.

The Hub provides an opportunity to share experiences, support each other and find new friends who understand the experiences and challenges of the military.

We believe that every warrior deserves the best support and opportunities for full recovery.

We have created the Hub as a place where a woman in the military will feel like among her own, will recover, grow and reach her potential.



The ARM WOMEN CHANNEL FOR YOUTUBE is a platform dedicated to women in the military and their stories.
Our project offers a unique opportunity to get to know female defenders of Ukraine who share their impressions, experiences and the reasons that motivated them to join the army.

We collect these interviews with all the emotions, inspiration and recognition. Each story is a fragile mosaic of courage, dedication and strength that helps them to survive the most difficult moments. We want to tell the world about these unbreakable women, about their resilience, professionalism and selfless work for the benefit of their country.
Our goal is not only to tell these stories, but also to build a community of support around the world. We believe that every story deserves to be spread, and we strive to raise awareness of the lives and achievements of our female defenders.
Join our project and help us highlight the courage and bravery of military girls who are making their mark on the battlefield and in the hearts of men.

We are supported


Make a charitable contribution that will be directed to the production of women's military uniforms

Tell others about our initiative, add a link to this site and the hashtag #ArmWomenNow

Buy branded merchandise (funds from merch sales will be used to produce the uniform)

Help with advertising, logistics, production